Just six days ago, I was at my favorite hometown Sports Card show, attacking the dollar boxes in the hopes of finding some hidden gems. Although I wasn’t able to get to the show until late afternoon, I’ll admit I was hoping to find some Miles Bridges treats or some forgotten rookies of Nickeil Alexander-Walker.

Instead, as it turns out, there were a few great looking cards of guys like Cole Anthony, Darius Garland, Immanuel Quickley, and yes – Tyrese Maxey.

I quickly assembled a pile of those players’ cards and negotiated a deal. One table had the Maxey Prizm Base rookie for $15. Another asked for $10. Still another had a few Maxeys listed for $2.

Looking back on last Saturday, something in me wants to turn back time and grab every Maxey card in the building – even the blue retail Select, over-printed, ugly-looking concourse base cards! Yes, I wish I could turn back the clock, as we often do when we let a card or a player get away from us…

That very night, Maxey logged 44 minutes, 10 points and 8 assists in a playoff-like battle victory over the Miami Heat.

On Monday, Maxey hustled in 39 minutes to post 16 points, 9 assists, 5 rebounds in a Embiid-less home loss against the Knicks.

The very next night, Tyrese torched the Milwaukee Bucks for 31 points, 4 assists, 5 rebounds, and stellar shooting percentages against some guy named Jrue Holiday.

And last night, my card show target blasted the defensive-minded Toronto Raptors for his career high 33 points on 63% shooting from the field. Add Gary Trent to the list of victims for the week. Maxey’s performance in the 4th quarter was a sight to behold, as if the ghost of Allen Iverson had taken over again in Philly. Watch the highlights from Tyrese’s 33-point game against Toronto for yourself!

Tyrese Maxey just turned 21 on November 4th. Since that day, it seems like Doc Rivers and the 76ers are ready to unleash this young man’s offensive talents on the NBA world. My fantasy team thanks you, Doc! My sports card portfolio thanks you, Doc!

I’m glad I walked away from that card show with a handful of Maxey rookies. Select, Prizm, Donruss – but nothing crazy. But I also wish I had found more, bought more, and even paid more for a kid who isn’t just filling in for Embiid and Simmons’ production for the first time…. He’s showing all of Philadelphia the kind of young foundational piece they have in him. He’s mature, poised, focused, and works hard at the game. Not a volume shooter, Maxey is a productive all-around player who made his team better over the past week in games they weren’t supposed to stay in without the COVID-embattled Embiid.

Card investors and collectors may still find some Tyrese cards in value boxes at your local dealer, show, or store. But the secret on Maxey is out, as this note from ESPN’s fantasy site describes, “Maxey’s time is now and we are witnessing what has been a fun breakout. With the Ben Simmons saga continuing to roll on, Maxey has firmly established himself as the starting point guard, taking his game to another level”

After last night’s career night, eBay listings and auctions of Maxey cards were selling at a rapid pace. Maybe you want to sell high on the heels of this fantastic week. If that’s the case, please just email me at hoopsandcardspodcast@gmail.com. It’s going to be fun to watch Maxey this season and probably this decade.