Today, we take Basketball Card collectors and investors like you to a tour of the WILD, WILD WEST. We look at card values, potential, and prospects for those teams that are still batting to secure a playoff spot - or even a play-in spot in this year's NBA March Madness out West. Gary loves sharing about some of his favorites today, like Lebron, Luka, and SGA. But what will we do with guys like like Most-Improved-candidate Lauri Markkanen or the never-healthy New Orleans Pelicans? Today's show gives you an overview and some card takes on some of the NBA's biggest names and franchises as they battle it out in the... Wild, Wild Western Conference! Send us your takes on Instagram to @hoopsandcards, or on email to We always love hearing from you! As mentioned in the show, we are recommending the MarketMovers App, and you can use the promo code "hoopsandcards" for a discount on the first month of ANY level of their service at Sports Card Investor! Check it out!