Today, the 42nd annual National Sports Card Convention (NSCC) opened in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Estimates of thousands of collectors, investors, fanatics, and entrepreneurs are making their way to this incredible 5-day event, often seen as “THE” center of the trading card universe each year. If you’re going, we would love to hear from you – share your best deals, ideas, and memories with us!

Since the rest of us – sports card collectors from around the world – actually will NOT be there this week for the unforgettable “Disney World for Panini and Topps” event can track with some of the best content-creators, YouTube personalities, and thought leaders in the world of Sports Cards. If you’d like to follow along from home, here are a few of the sites, streams, and videos that would be worth a look!

CLICK ON ANY OF THE IMAGES BELOW, AND WE WILL TAKE YOU TO THE NATIONAL!! Each link is a recent video or Livestream from one of our favorite Sports Card content creators. Thank you to all of you who are broadcasting live from Atlantic City!