With less than a month before the NBA Playoff Starts, you might want to know which players and cards could RISE to the occasion in May and June! We've got you covered, with today's episode of FIVE BUYS, where Gary gives some "no brainer" picks (re: Giannis, Tatum, etc) and some "brainer" or "not-so-obvious" dudes to watch out for. Investors may want to list these players and cards "for sale" to capitalize on gains during the playoffs, and collectors may want to keep notes for better prices after the playoffs. Whatever your strategy is, we've got you covered with more than 15 players to think about and what their teams could be doing in May in the NBA! Hoops and Cards LOVES hearing from our Listeners, DM us at @hoopsandcards (INSTA) or email to Gary@hoopsandcards.com. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel as well for more entertaining content and encouragement as you pursue Basketball Card greatness!