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Finally, some answers to the huge summer questions in the NBA. The past seven days in the NBA have shifted the NBA playoff landscape ever so slightly, even with the big names trading places.

What's the fallout, the consequences, the "ramifications" of Dame and Jrue's adventure?

I think Milwaukee and Boston are the favorites to win the East, just as they were one week ago.

I think Giannis' status as a GOAT and Jayson's potential to add a chip remain the same.

For card values, I wouldn't forecast a jump in prices or demand for any of the players that switched teams until perhaps mid-May, when the Finals get closer. Lillard, Giannis, Jrue, Jayson, and Jaylen are all top-notch superstars with a chance to get rings in June. And some incredibly clutch playoff moments for each of them along the way.

Short term investors might like the idea of buying some Lillard cards to list on eBay, hoping to sell when he drops a 50-spot in MSG in the Spring. Other long-term investors are buying Giannis right now, believing that the prices might never be better as he adds to his accolades. Boston fans have more reason for hope than ever, as Jrue and Kristaps make this the best Celtics team in more than a decade.

Lower budget plays might be found in other "side pieces" affected by all these deals. Will Peyton Pritchard get a larger role in Boston? Will Anfernee Simons run the offense and hit 25-ppg in Portland? Will the unsilent majority who seems to love Grayson Allen start buying up his 2018 Silver PSA10's in advance of some big playoff moments in Phoenix?

Who knows.

In Portland, the wheeling and dealing is far from over, and I'm sure Brogdon, Bob Williams, and Jerami Grant could all be dealt before the trade deadline. In Philly, perhaps all the deals finally clear the way for some teams to knock on the James Harden trade door. In Miami, maybe all the pining for Dame clears the way for a Tyler Herro "let em know" campaign.

If nothing else, Milwaukee and Boston are absolutely loaded, and this is going to be a tremendous battle in the Eastern Conference. As a card "investor," I'm not seeing these trades as a reason to jump in, sell out, or care that much.

But as an NBA fan and collector who loves Lillard and Holiday, I might be looking for a PSA10 of their Prizm, Topps, or Hoops rookies at some point this season, and I'm beyond pumped to get this season started!

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