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It didn't take long for the Celtics to chase down a potential playoff "Dame-killer" in landing Jrue Holiday. Boston paid a hefty price, but make no mistake about this deal - Jrue Holiday is well worth it. As much as I love Milwaukee and the move to get Damian Lillard that shocked the entire Basketball world, I think this pickup puts Boston's starting lineup right there with Milwaukee, and perhaps even better!

What does Jrue Holiday do for this team? For their Basketball cards? For the NBA in general?

More than you know.

On the court, Jrue adds one more defensive stopper who can also run the Boston offense and drop big shots whenever you need. Jayson, Jaylen, and Jrue are a devastating trio on both ends of the floor, and if Kristaps and Horford can stay healthy, this starting five has a very strong shot at a Championship.

For the NBA in general, it's a better league when Boston is winning. The Celtics' sense of urgency here puts them well ahead of Miami, Philadelphia, and most of the West in terms of offensive firepower and the maturity of these superstars in their primes.

But you and I are here for the Basketball Card market.

For Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, it greatly increases their chances of raising a banner in Boston at some point in the next three years. For Boston collectors, it shows that the team will do whatever it takes to add talent to this iteration of the roster, increasing the longevity and value of anything related to Tatum and Brown. While the bevy of stars assembled might hurt Tatum's MVP chances, Jayson wasn't going to finish in the top three in MVP voting in this - or in my opinion, any other - year. Tatum and Brown need to add titles to cement their status and potential Hall of Fame careers.

This core of four superstars - Tatum, Brown, Porzingis, and Holiday - are all in their prime, and all hungry to take the mountain.

If I'm buying Tatum stuff, I'd do it in December, before a lot of primetime games and All-Star hype. If I'm buying Jaylen Brown, I'd do it anytime before May, and his pop counts are far lower than Tatum's graded cards. If I'm buying Jrue Holiday cards, it's because I'm a Celtic (or Buck) fan that just loves this guy as a player and knows he's a darkhorse Hall of Famer too, even if it means buying his ugly Topps rookies from 2009.

Any of those three guys represents a nice "buy and hold" opportunity if you would enjoy having those cards and perhaps making a profit during the Eastern Conference Finals.

And, Celtics fans might be quick to scoop up some Porzingis, Payton Pritchard, and some of the supporting cast of players cards in case one of them becomes next year's suprise playoff hero. Someone has to play the Grant Williams role, right?

Overall, I love this deal for the Celtics and for anyone who loves the Eastern Conference investing and fanning opportunities. Milwaukee isn't the easy favorite anymore, and Boston's addition of the former-Buck Holiday adds one more chip to the Celtics' already loaded shoulder.