Basketball Card Investors are often looking to discover rising prospects and opportunities to buy and sell cards during and after huge games. Sports bettors are often faced with the same realities and trying to anticipate what players and teams to pick "next." Today, HoopsandCards welcomes Chris from the Basketball Forever Network's NBA Betting Podcast, called "Cashed It w Chris," a regular podcast for NBA fans and sports betters. Our host, Gary, bounces some 101-level questions off of Chris and they talk about players who are just waiting for a break or an injury to get their opportunity. Can you make money using sites like FanDuel or DraftKings? Sure, but you can also lose money or develop an addiction to trying to prove something and "win." Chris shares some terrific ideas and words of wisdom for any basketball fans who want to navigate this fun, rapidly-growing sports market with a bit of knowledge and healthy levels of self-control. Much thanks to Chris for joining us on HoopsandCards!