For the love of Basketball cards! Today's episode takes on the incredible NBA playoff action and what it could mean for Basketball Card players, collectors, and investors. Gary, our host, looks at some of the challenges and tendencies of buying cards during big moments in April or May. Some players (think Jokic or Embiid) could be adding a chip to their fast-growing legends. Others (think Fox, Maxey, or Brunson) are emerging as super-scorers for teams on the rise. We talk about the timing of buying and selling these players over the next 2-4 weeks. This episode also explains how the NBA Playoffs are a terrific time to watch, enjoy the games, and make your offseason shopping list with our recommendations - SGA, Mikal, Ant, and more! Send us your takes and thoughts as DM's on Instagram - @hoopsandcards. You can always email our show to!